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Jason Poole-Xiong

  • Janesville, WI
  • he/him/his

Ministry setting

I am currently serving as an Intern with the Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Wisconsin - Madison along with working with the youth ministry at Bethel Lutheran Church, also in Madison, WI.

What brings you joy in your ministry?

Because of my experiences in my own youth group growing up in the church, I have a passion for youth ministry and working with all ages of youth (but High Schoolers are my favorite). The joy comes in being able to have a conversation with a young person about their faith and what it means to live as a Christian in today's world - which is not always easy. I also share a passion in Worship and Music and am fortunate to be able to lead our worship team as well as singing in choir and our praise team. I enjoy worship planning and introducing congregations to new and different worship experiences.

Who inspires you in ministry or seminary?

My parents continue to be a source of inspiration to me because I know they would be very proud of my accomplishments and my choosing to enter seminary. The youth and young adults of my congregation and the ELCA inspire me as well each and every day. I was a voting member of the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly and witnessed the awesome power of the Holy Spirit working through the delegation of young people as they worked to get their voice heard. That power and determination found in our young people give me a sense of hope and inspiration.

What are your interests outside of ministry?

I enjoy traveling, fishing, walking and am also a movie and TV buff as well.

Best meal you've ever eaten?

Give me a good steak - and it will always be the best meal!

Brief bio

I was born and raised in the Detroit, MI and grew up in the Lutheran church. I was a fairly "normal" kid growing up; was involved in choir and drama in High School. I put myself through community college while I worked in the hospitality industry along with volunteering in Youth Ministry at my home congregation. I then moved to western Michigan and on to Chicago, IL where I spent 5 years as a hotel manager both in the suburbs and downtown. I was also fortunate to serve as a Youth Team Leader at my new congregation as well. As does happen in the hotel industry, I moved to Wisconsin in 2011 in order to continue working with the same company. That move also allowed me to meet my partner, Dan. In 2012 I received my first paid position as a Youth Minister in my current congregation in Janesville, WI. In early-2014 I lost both of my parents within 6 weeks of one another and over the next 9 months fell into a time of deep prayer and discernment and in November, 2014 decided to leave the hospitality industry and move into ministry more full-time and also returned to school and am studying at Wartburg Theological Seminary as a M.A. in Diaconal Ministry candidate with the ELCA with a concentration in Youth, Culture and Mission.

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