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Rev. Michael D. Oakley

Ministry setting

I will begin a CPE Chaplain Residency at Cincinnati Veterans Administration Medical Center in October 2017.

What brings you joy in your ministry?

Leading worship, helping individuals and groups see God's love and their possibilities.

Who inspires you in ministry or seminary?

All of my colleagues who keep at it even as the church continues to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

What are your interests outside of ministry?

I just joined the Cincinnati Men's Chorus! I like to hike and explore in parks and museums. I love to spend time with family.

Best meal you've ever eaten?

At a restaurant on the ocean with my boyfriend last January.

Brief bio

I grew up in suburban Cincinnati. I graduated from Texas Lutheran College in 1975 and married that year. I graduated from Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus OH, in 1979. I have served ALC and ELCA Congregations in Wisconsin and NE Ohio. I have two adult children and three grandchildren. I have been divorced since 2002. I have been out since August 2016. I have been in loving partnership with Dave since November of 2016. I just moved in with him in Cincinnati and was forced to retire from the ELCA Clergy Roster.

Did you always want to be clergy?

Maybe. I thought it was a possibility throughout my college years but hoped to do something else. When that became impossible, seminary was the choice. A similar thing happened in my planning to move from Cleveland to Cincinnati. I hoped and worked for a non-church job. Then a friend suggested a CPE Residency and as much as I fought it, the spirit began to push me and it happened!

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