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Rev. Peter Beeson

Ministry setting

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church, Hoboken, NJ

What brings you joy in your ministry?

The amazing, energetic, people of St. Matthew Trinity who are willing to take risks, boldly experiment, and get things done for the sake of the gospel. With the way I was drawn back into the church, I am thrilled to be serving an amazing congregation, with gorgeous stained glass windows (and sanctuary), a wonderful property minister, beautiful traditional organ, and phenomenal music minister and guider of all things beautiful in worship. I am also passionate about the ways congregations can take individual action to begin addressing the affordable housing crisis.

Who inspires you in ministry or seminary?

I was inspired in ministry by some amazing congregation members and pastors at Faith Lutheran Church in Phoenix, AZ, and the incredibly supportive, encouraging, Holy Spirit filled, flexible faculty at the American Baptist Seminary of the West.

What are your interests outside of ministry?

I have a decade of experience working in IT, telecom, and project management; and am currently working on a part-time MBA in real estate and infrastructure at Johns Hopkins University. In my free time I can be found practicing Tai Chi, Kung Fu, or playing with low-voltage wiring and power-tools while volunteering with Rebuilding Together.

Brief bio

I currently serve on the board of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, the parent organization of Proclaim; and on the board of the Hoboken Shelter, in Hoboken, NJ. Prior to being called to St. Matthew Trinity I served as a chaplain in rural south-west North Carolina, and had experience in congregations in Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; and Washington, DC. I graduated from the American Baptist Seminary of the West in 2012 with a final project titled, Rebuilding Together with Rebuilding Together: How creating sustainable communities strengthens all of us, and completed my Lutheran requirements at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Did you always want to be clergy?

After being raised in a conservative, evangelical denomination I was brought back to the church and converted to Lutheranism by stained glass windows, an extremely excited property committee chair, an invitation to help rebuild a 52 rank Moller pipe organ, and the not-so-subtle machinations of the Holy Spirit.

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