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2012 Proclaim Retreat

2012 Proclaim Retreat


By Amalia Vagts, ELM Executive Director

I am bursting to tell you about the Proclaim gathering last week.  Wow. A flood of images and words are coming to me as I try to convey to you the experience of being with these 70 LGBTQ rostered leaders, seminarians and their families for four days of reflection, learning, worship and community-building.

It was marvelous.

There will be more stories and photos in the coming days. For now, I want to share that the Proclaim community is filled with gifted and committed leaders who are ready to take risks for the Gospel–to boldly proclaim God’s unwavering message of fearless welcome to all.

Pastor Aaron Decker shared these words when reflecting on the retreat: “Gathering into this community is like a second coming out.  Many years ago, I began the process of accepting and loving myself for who I am.  In that, I knew, mentally, that God loved me.  But at the Proclaim retreat, I really felt for the first time that God’s love was for me, all of me, every part of my being.  The Spirit is truly active in this community, and She is transforming lives!”

Aaron and others shared their experience of a deepened sense of call and a commitment to more boldly proclaim God’s word to all people.

You support this work through your contributions to Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries. Every dollar makes experiences like the Proclaim retreat a reality–and in turn you  are affecting ministry throughout the church.  Thank you to our wonderful supporters for making this happen! We give thanks especially to the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation for their generous support of the Proclaim program. Learn more about Proclaim by visiting


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