ELM pastors Steve Keiser & Jay Wiesner on the ELCA changes

The Philadelphia Gay News has published an article highlighting ELM roster members Rev. Steve Keiser (left) & Rev. Jay Wiesner (right) thoughts and feelings on the ELCA decision and their paths to ministry.

“It was the most liberating, amazing day of my life,” he said. “The idea that I could finally be recognized as a pastor by the ELCA — after I’ve already been a pastor for so many years — was really exciting.” -Wiesner

“Justice had finally been served.”-Keiser

The article also touches on the future of GLBT pastors and the difficulties still ahead. Read the full article here

Sara Thomsen- Artist from ELM’s benefit cd in Chicago Oct 24

Sara Thomsen will be playing in Chicago on Saturday Oct 24 at Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ located at 615 W Wellington Chicago, IL.

Proceeds will benefit Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ.

Sara’s song ‘By Breath’ is on the ELM benefit CD- Out of the Extraordinary. The CD is still available for purchase and it makes a great holiday gift! Click here to read more about the album, find out what artists are on it and order. There is a button on the right-side of the page that says “order online” that takes you to the purchase page. All proceeds go to ELM!

ELM attends ELCA Conference of Bishops

Representatives from Goodsoil, ELM, and Lutherans Concerned/North America attended the ELCA Conference of Bishops on Oct 1-6, 2009 in Chicago, IL. The Conference discussed implementation of the changes in ministry policies passed at the ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

Click here to read a press release about the weekend from Lutherans Concerned/North America (LC/NA).

One important result of the meeting was commitment from ELCA Churchwide staff to talk directly with Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries pastors throughout this process. For many years, the ELCA has made policy about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people without those affected in the conversations. We celebrate this development!